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What Jewellery To Gift At Different Stages Of A Relationship?

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Is it the first time ever that you’re planning to buy jewellery for your significant other? The foremost thing that you must know is that it doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to do so. What you actually should be focusing on is the stage of relationship that you guys are in right now. Have you already made it official on Facebook, or are keeping it just between the two of you for now? Without having some idea about what to purchase, you can be lost in the realms of pendants, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

So here’s a brief guide that you can follow while checking out online jewellery stores in UK. Have fun.

Not Yet Official

If it’s just a few months that you have been into the relationship and are still getting to know each other gradually, try not to make a labyrinth out of the situation by picking something that screams extravagance. Your partner may assume it as an expression of love through expensive jewellery. As such, your best bet is to pick a classic and simple accessory like a pendant necklace or perhaps, stud earrings.

“In A Relationship” Status On Facebook

Have you and partner gone official already through your social media accounts? Making romantic gestures would be perfect for you then. Whatever you pick for them would bear a tremendous amount of sentimental value. So purchase something cute and flirty – a pendant with their favourite flower or design, earrings, or a bracelet can be great.

Living Together

Living together means that your relationship is already a full-fledged one and you guys are head over heels in love with each other. This has to be the right time for showing how happy you are to plan and build your future with them. Get a jewellery that your partner will be able to wear on multiple special occasions. Some excellent options are chandelier earrings or cuff bracelet.

Happily Married

You have been married happily for years with the love of your life and been through thick & thin but stood the tests of time. Something like that definitely demands for celebration. After all, both of you really know one another from top to bottom. Why not grab a gemstone of their liking, or perhaps a gold or silver to commemorate the occasion? It’d definitely make them feel special and so loved.

While you are getting the jewellery, you can spruce it up a notch by complementing with a beautiful designer handbag or cologne.


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