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Where To Buy Quality Gemstones At The Best Prices?

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There are plenty of people who would love to own a piece of custom jewellery with a fine gemstone. But most of them believe that these fine gemstones are very expensive, thousands of dollars or even more.

Such belief is true, but not always. Many prospective buyers are surprised to discover that it’s possible to buy fine gemstones of reasonable size at a cheaper price, especially from gemstone jewellery stores in UK.

Why are prices of gemstones sky high?

The prices of gemstones actually fluctuate with supply and demand. If there is heavy demand and limited supply, then prices are surely to rise. Some of them are like blue sapphire, tanzanite, tsavorite garnet and Burmese ruby.

On the contrary, there are many gems that are consistently in good supply, and as a result many of these are very reasonably priced. These include amethyst, citrine, ametrine, blue topaz and many of the common red garnets.

Finding affordable gemstones

A smart strategy to find affordable gems is to look at certain varieties of finer gems that are rare, but not yet expensive. These are gems which, due to the scarcity, have not been heavily promoted in the market. Generally, these include spinel, peridot, zircon, beryl, tourmaline and spessartite garnet. All of these are sturdy and have good hardness, clarity and brilliance. Depending on the size and colour, quality specimens can be found at various affordable prices per carat.

The place of availability

An important thing to consider when buying gems is the place of availability. For instance, specific gems are available at specific places of the world which affect the price. A pearl or sapphire jewellery bought from somewhere out of UK may not match the quality and also can be highly expensive. Actually, the distribution chain for gemstones consist of many steps, and each additional step in the chain increases the selling price by 50 percent. This is why, if gems are bought close to the source, the best prices can be found and hundreds of dollars can be saved.

You may still be able to buy good quality sapphire, tanzanite, tsavorite garnet and even Burmese ruby at a cheaper rate if you find the right source of the stones. Of course, you will be introduced with a range of varieties that can vary in price.

When you are looking for a customised jewellery with gemstones, be sure to keep these important factors in mind to get the best product.


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